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At cultural consulting we aim to make your educational travel experience the best possible by advising you based on your specific needs.  We work with a variety of educational programs.  Depending on the type of program in which you are interested, we will research different options based on our experience and make some proposals.

One very important aspect of cultural consulting is that we go the extra step to make sure that we can offer you quality programs.  In order to assure you, we actually take the time to travel to the different destinations to ensure the highest quality standards.  We visit the facilities and visit the accommodation sites.  We also visit the host families in the different locations to make sure that your experience as a whole will be the best possible.

Once we have picked the perfect option for you, we will support you throughout your stay.  While there will be responsible individuals from each of the programs with which we work, we like to make sure that you know you can always reach us.  You will have our full contact information in order to ensure your satisfaction during your stay.

We will also assist you with all Visa matters in order to facilitate this process.  Should you need assistance during your stay, we will also provide you with the necessary contact information for your country in your destination.

We would like to ensure that your experience meets your expectations.  We are here to guide you every step of the way.

Begin your cultural experience by contacting us at: rfp@cultural-consulting.com  and it will be our pleasure to make suggestions to suit your needs.


Ana Cristina Acosta | acosta@cultural-consulting.com