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We are very excited about offering you unique educational programs in extraordinary locations worldwide. At cultural consulting, we believe and maintain that the best way to grow with our changing world is through experience.

In future newsletters we hope to highlight different countries to open your eyes to the possibilities in foreign lands.  Age is no limit… you are never too young, or too old to experience.

Future Projects

  • We are also interested in working with non-profit organizations working for humanitarian issues.  If you have information regarding an organization you feel is doing a commendable job, please contact us.
  • We will be traveling to England and Ireland in January to visit programs with which we wish to work.  We do this as part of our commitment to our clients.  It is important that you understand that we try to be familiar with all of our programs on a “first-hand” basis.  We visit our schools and our host families in order to assure that your experience will be an enjoyable one.  
  • At the end of January we wish to travel to Spain visiting several programs in different areas of the country.  From MBA, language to culture programs, we have a variety of possibilities to offer you.
  • In the Spring we will travel to South America to speak with partners and interested individuals.  It would be our pleasure to arrange a meeting if you are interested in working with us.

If you have had a unique experience abroad, we would love to hear about your travels.  Please contact us at: acosta@cultural-consulting.com

Ana Cristina Acosta | acosta@cultural-consulting.com