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Our Vision

In our rapidly growing global society, cultural consulting envisions a world united through experience in cultural diversity leading to cultural understanding.

Our Mission

cultural consulting shares opportunities in education and cultural growth for people of all ages around the globe.

Our Work

Cultural diversity is the quality that makes each society a unique being in the world.  In a rapidly changing global culture, we must understand the perspectives and general beliefs of each of these unique cultures in order to adapt to this change. We at cultural consulting believe that only by experience can we better learn to understand and work with this new phase of society.  We are committed to offering unique educational and cultural experiences around the globe.

cultural consulting has sought out educational and cultural programs designed specifically to target people of all ages from around the globe interested in not only learning a language, but also in experiencing new cultures.  These programs may include educational, leisure and sports activities combined in a variety of ways.

We have a deep belief that every individual has special and unique needs.  This being true, we approach each of our clients in a personalized manner in order to offer what is most appropriate to that individual’s desired experience.

By focusing on specific individual requirements, cultural consulting has the capacity to direct its expertise and resources more effectively.  Some of our areas of focus include:

  • High School Cultural Exchange (Private and Public)
  • Summer Leisure and Sports Camps
  • Summer Tours
  • Language plus Cultural Experience and/or Sports Activities
  • Higher Education Exchanges (MBA, Vocational and University Programs)
  • Work Experiences (Volunteer and Training Programs)

Please review the section entitled Programs to learn more about the programs with which we work.

We stand behind the belief that as the world grows, we must grow with it.  In order to do so in a harmonious way, we must first understand the perspectives and beliefs of each of the societies that form a part of our global culture.

Ana Cristina Acosta | acosta@cultural-consulting.com