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This month's feature:  Spain

Did you know that Spain is the fourth largest country in Europe after Russia, Ukraine and France?  It is also the third country in the world in terms of the number of monuments declared to have world historical value.

Spain is located in southwestern Europe bordering the Bay of Biscay, Mediterranean Sea, North Atlantic Ocean, and Pyrenees Mountains in the southwest of France.  It is composed of 19 autonomous communities including the Balearic Islands and Canary Islands, and three small Spanish possessions off the coast of Morocco - Islas Chafarinas, Penon de Alhucemas, and Penon de Velez de la Gomera.   

The Spanish language is considered the second most important language on the planet.  Spoken by over 400 million native speakers, it is the third most-spoken language on the planet.  The Spanish language itself has gone undergone over 1000 years of evolution.  First, on the Iberian Peninsula where it was influenced by the Roman, Visigoth and Arab cultures. Then on conquered lands where it took on an evolution of its own through the explorers, missionaries and natives of those far away lands.  

A diverse culture rich in tradition, Spain is a perfect setting for those interested in enriching their cultural backgrounds.  We offer a variety of programs in Spain, from children’s summer camps to recognized MBA programs offered in both Spanish and English.  There are many summer programs combined with activities.  Some of these activities include sports or learning about Spanish wines.  No matter which program you choose, you will complete your experience with a new perspective about an old land.  For further information about our programs in Spain, please contact us at:  rfp@cultural-consulting.com .

Below please find some interesting links about the Spanish language and Spanish speaking nations to open your eyes to the world of Spanish.

La página del idioma español: a wonderful page dedicated to language. Here you will find not only grammar and vocabulary but also discussion and debate about the Spanish language and its development.

Lenguaje.com: a fabulous language site that includes tools for synonyms & antonyms, spelling, conjugation, syllabification, phonetics, stems and much more.

Palabra del día: a growing list of vocabulary including meaning, synonyms, and examples. You can receive a word a day by email if you prefer.  

Diccionarios en internet: select from an alphabetical list or by topic to find the dictionary, encyclopedia, glossary. atlas or other reference book you need.

Comida: if you are a lover of Hispanic cuisine you will find a tempting list of food links here.  

Es Flamenco: Discover the artists, the music and the history of this beautiful dance.

Wayanay Inka: get a taste of Andean culture through the music and information located at this site. Features the group's sound files and instruments common to Andean culture.  

Spanish Radio Stations: if you haven't found what you are looking for yet, try this site. Pick your country from a popup menu and you'll get a list of online radio links.

Costa Rica's Travel Web: everything you ever wanted to know about Costa Rica and travel opportunities there, including information on study abroad. Also links to available real estate.  

Viaje a Guatemala: get to know this beautiful country through its landscape, food, archeology and more. If you like you can also send an ecard with a picture of your favorite spot from Fotos de Guatemala.com.

Puerto Rico : "expone el mundo a Puerto Rico y expone Puerto Rico al mundo." Contains great resources to Latin America and the Caribbean as well.

Traveling in Spain : a great database of photos and descriptions of a persons tour of southern Spain including some less traveled areas. Also links to cities throughout the country.  

Alicante Spain: practical information for tourists and business travelers.

La ciudad de Córdoba, España: a city guide with beautiful graphics of well known monuments and interesting parts of the city.  

MadridMan : this is a detailed website on Madrid. Everything you wanted to know and more. For the media-minded, don't miss the link to radio, TV, music & movies. In English. 

Conocer San Sebastian-Gipuzkoa: contains links to everything you would want to know about that region of the Basque country.  

Paseo Virtual Extremadura: visit the many cities, learn about the language and literature, folklore, music and dance from this region of Spain.

Latin American Studies Library: pick by country or by topic. You can find everything you were missing on Latin America in one spot.

Please send pictures and suggestions of places you would like to see featured here... 


Ana Cristina Acosta | acosta@cultural-consulting.com